So after 10+ hours or so, here’s the final result! I liked the character Froggy in the land of stories, and I thought it would be fun to make a sculpture of him! (Goldilocks would have been extremely difficult to make) I originally planned to have lily pad tea spilling out of the cup he’s holding, but I’m holding that idea off until I figure out a proper way to make it. I bought artificial water (the stuff you put in vases with fake flowers) at the art store so I could have the tea actually look legit, but apparently you have to boil it for 25 minutes and contents are hot, etc, etc. So I’ll experiment with that, and if it works, I’ll add it in!

I don’t know if I should tweet this to Chris Colfer or not…I feel like I made Froggy look slightly psychotic. Feedback, anyone?