when u lay down the sick burn


Haha Bird Nerd for life. Don’t even get me started on my bird of prey character headcanons…
AH SO PRECIOUS. Kurt is definitely a Goffin Cockatoo! I think Blaine would make a super cute Caique. Just look at that little black helmet (I’m biased though ‘cause those are the birds I did my research on)
Just looked it up and OH MY GOD HE WOOOUULD! I might doodle something later oh man WHAT A CUTIE



Given the urgency of my current dilemma I’ve decided to go ahead and build a gofundme account to garner attention and collect what I’ll need to go back home. If you care to take a look that would be awesome.

Thank you.

There’s no coddling the situation any further. Today I received a voicemail that the person in question is now in a medically induced coma. I don’t dig putting this out there. I really don’t. If I had my way then I’d have a private jet that would take me anywhere I wanted to go. But that’s not the case and I’ve run out of options. If you haven’t taken a look? Then please do. If you have, then thank you. Thank you for spreading this around. I appreciate every bit of it.


Just a note to anyone reporting their art reposts on Instagram





It might be best to use a secondary or throwaway email when filling out the copyright infringement form. I got (I’m assuming) all my art removed from that account really quickly and painlessly, but only after including my primary email did I notice that the automated response from Instagram states:

"Note that we routinely provide the contact information included in reports about alleged infringements/violations of legal rights, including email address, to the person who posted the content being reported."

As proven by their response, they’re less than civil on instagram and I hope I don’t find out how they behave in a more private communication!

Friendly reminder to please keep reporting primarily this user and secondarily this user for art theft.

To put this situation into perspective, here is a list of some of the artists that I was able to identify that have had their artwork stolen by Art Thief #1:

Please take a moment to report klaineforeverandalways on Instagram, as well as her friend glee_ig who posted the following after seeing some action taken against KFAA:

"Hey, why don’t you all shut up and let them do whatever the hell they want. If you don’t like it, you can unfollow at any time.”

Shut the fuck up, guys. Nobody asked you to get you huge nose into anything. This account can do whatever and if the original artist is unhappy they can ask them to take it down. You have no right to be saying stuff like that. Unhappy? Unfollow.”

This needs to stop.  Please report the first user for art theft from all of the above artists (and more that I could not identify), and the second user for art theft of nico’s, plumey’s, and sunshunes’ work (and on both accounts for general human indecency, although sadly I’m afraid that’s not an option on the list).  

Thank you so much for your help <33

Ahhh~! Thank you for bringing this to my attention~!

Thanks for the heads up!