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Miss Fox’s cloud light


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Anonymous asked: Omfg, fuck the Glee writers. Can we just send you over there and have you write Glee? Or at least the Klaine parts? Enough Klaingst. I need something fluffy with those two.

I don’t think they’d respond well to a random artist being catapulted at them but we can sure as heck try. SEND ME FLYING, ANON. (I’ll weaken the walls for someone more competent, confident and better with words to break through)


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Anonymous asked: I just find your blog and I need to say that now is one of my favorites! I love your art!

One of your favorites? *SWEATING PROFUSELY* THANK YOU

rainbowsanddietcoke asked: Do you do commission work? Just curious, I couldn't find any info about it on your tumblr. :)

Yeah, I started up commissions a couple of months back but I ended up taking it down since I had an art portfolio to concentrate on with 12+ sculpture works to finish (which is why there was an absence of any fanart on my part these past 2-3 months).

Things are slowing down a bit now and I’m almost done so I might open commissions up again during the summer after I graduate depending on how much people seem interested.


Serre moi encore. Serre moi, jusqu’à étouffer de toi. 

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Yuken Teruya : Notice-Forest (2013)

(from the Pippy Houldsworth Gallery exhibition 06 September - 05 October 2013)

Transforming the detritus of consumerism into beautifully crafted works of art, Teruya uses unfamiliar materials in a way that elevates details typically overlooked in quotidian life.

For this exhibition, Teruya will continue his Notice Forest series by fabricating a new line of shopping bags, including Chanel, Godiva, Graff, Maison du Chocolat, Cartier and Tiffany. Teruya’s work provides a subtle commentary on the hegemonic power of consumer culture and its resultant impact on the global environment. However, the works are fundamentally an exploration of beauty. Mounted at a ninety-degree angle to the wall, each bag harbours a miniature, paper tree modelled from species planted on 5th Avenue in New York.

Discussing how Teruya’s bags are made, Megan Ratner explains that he ‘begins with photographs of trees, which he transfers to his computer, superimposing this image on the logo-ed side of a shopping bag. Using the original shape as a guide, he deftly cuts a two-part silhouette – lower branches/trunk and leafy top – folding and twisting the two halves into the interior of the bag, rooting the trunk with a single drop of glue.’

press release and images: Pippy Houldsworth Gallery

Based off of this text post

waltzy asked: hey! I really love your wedding doodles! I was just wondering if that's the largest version you drew, or if maybe you drew it bigger and tumblr resized it down? because if you have a bigger version, I'd love if you could post it in a photo post to enjoy the hq! if not, I still love it either way, it's sooo cute *______*

HAHA I was waiting for someone to call me out on that! Yeah tumblr always resizes my drawings so I’ll just post it up in a separate post, give me a second



Can we start a petition to get Kurt to sing ‘Teenage Dream’ to Blaine at their wedding?



Can we start a petition to get Kurt to sing ‘Teenage Dream’ to Blaine at their wedding?

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Anonymous asked: another anon here, but if that's the case, gonna send you compliments every day. but no, really, your art is amazing and fluffy, which is just what the fandom needs atm. :)

oooh man what an offer but who knows what things I’d produce if i was on a power run omg

That’s really sweet of you to say, thank you! You guys give me more credit than I deserve but I’m grateful for the support, I really am. 

owlmethis said: The way the bow suddently ends up on Mike’s head, omg, this is why your comics are the best.

YEEESS SOMEONE NOTICED (not that I was very subtle about it)

Gotta love having abrupt transitions in comics without being questioned haha. That’s why animation is personally such a struggle for me akjldghsd teach me your waaaays karoline

Anonymous asked: you are a wonderful person and i'm obsessed with your art ~ love yaaa

Compliments give me power. TOO MUCH POWER.

I might start getting reckless and think I can draw klaine with their shirts off or something crazy like that wait oh man that’s not a bad idea.